Teaching Methods

A number of teaching methods are used that have been selected to meet the aims of the course and intended learning outcomes, exploiting the organizers’ long experience in designing and delivering Executive training. Specifically:

  1. Lecture notes are prepared and distributed to the participants in advance of the lectures taking place. The lecture notes come in the form of extensive PowerPoint presentations.
  2. When presenting their lecture notes in class, lecturers put emphasis on discussion with participants of examples from Competition and Regulation Policy. Examples are selected from case law in Europe.
  3. After the presentation of the theoretical material and during the last two hours of each Module the presentation is devoted to the analysis of important Case Studies (Practice Sessions).
  4. In some cases participants are split into groups and each group is assigned a task – consisting of how they would deal with a specific hypothetical case – which is then discussed in the class.

There is no assessment through examinations. Participants are self-assessed through their involvement in task groups and in class discussion. A register of attendance for each 2-hour class is kept by the School Secretariat and Certificates of Attendance are provided by the organizing Universities for as long as a participant has attended at least 80% of the Modules’ classes.