Module 4

Module 4: Economics of Mergers

(12 a.h.¹)

Outline of Course Contents

The aim of this module is to examine empirical facts about mergers, review key policy tools to evaluate mergers, and present theoretical models that study the incentives to merge and the welfare effects of mergers.


1. Mergers in practice

(a) some facts about mergers
(b) merger evaluation in practice: horizontal versus vertical
(c) the price effects of merger
(d) HHI and safeharbor tests
(e) mergers with differentiated products – GUPPI
(f) mergers with efficiencies – NUPI

 2. Horizontal mergers – theory

(a) the Cournot model
(b) the inverse elasticity rule
(c) HHI and welfare
(d) mergers without synergies
(e) mergers with synergies
(f) mergers with complements
(g) spatial mergers
(h) mergers to create market power
(i) coordinated effects of mergers

 3. Vertical mergers – theory

(a) transaction cost economics
(b) the double marginalization problem
(c) downstream/upstream moral hazard
(d) mergers to foreclose downstream rivals
(e) mergers under supply assurance
(f) the opportunism problem


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¹ a.h. = academic hour (50 minutes)