Executive Programme

CRESSE-OECD Executive Programme (CALEP)

Since 2019, CRESSE co-organises with the OECD Competition Division the Competition Agency Leaders Executive Programme (CALEP). CALEP is a yearly executive training taught by eminent competition professors, lawyers, economists and members of the OECD secretariat.

Its main objectives and intended learning outcomes are to give an opportunity to participants to:

(i) Get acquainted with the economic theories that underlie competition law and the methods and tools that are used to assess potentially anticompetitive business practices.

(ii) Learn about how to manage the external and internal environments of competition agencies and about the assessment of economic evidence in Courts;

(iii) Learn about the latest developments in competition law in EU, North America and other jurisdictions;

(iv) Get acquainted with OECD instruments, guidelines and best practices, as well as with recent OECD policy work and discussions on the digital economy and other topics;

(v) Get acquainted with HR management issues, developing talent, career progression, leadership and leading change.

A multidisciplinary approach is followed, with courses in competition economics and law and in management taught by leading experts with deep expertise and vast practical experience in competition law and its enforcement from academia, policy world and from the private and public sector.

Detailed Course Contents

Who is the course for?

The course is tailored to be an essential professional development opportunity for Leaders / Heads and emerging Leaders of competition agencies, Commissioners, Board Members and Senior Officials (Directors General and other high-level officers) of competition and other regulatory agencies throughout the world. Participants are not required to have any prior knowledge of economics or quantitative techniques. Classes are delivered in-person and presentation materials are designed to help delivery of key concepts and special emphasis is given in drawing on case and real-world examples in order to review and apply the principles and methods.

Structure – Duration

The 2024 Competition Agency Leaders Executive Programme (CALEP) will run for four and a half (4.5) days.

The teaching method is by two academic hour sessions.

In total, the Course will be 18 sessions and two Special Lectures or 38 academic hours (1 academic hour = 50 minutes). Sessions are largely self-contained so participants can select to attend a subset or all of the sessions.

Keynote Lecture will also take place during the Programme, delivered by Prof. Christopher S. Yoo (Imasogie Professor in Law and Technology, Professor of Communication, Professor of Computer and Information Science, and Founding Director of the Center for Technology, Innovation & Competition, University of Pennsylvania) on “Conceptual Frameworks to Guide When to Replace Competition Law with Ex Ante Rules” .

Key Benefits

Extensive in-depth insight into:

  • competition law and economic key principles;
  • recent cases and developments in competition law and policy;
  • OECD assessment methodologies and guidelines for best practices, as well as recent OECD policy discussions;
  • practical guidance on how to manage the internal and external environments of agencies, on human resource management and leadership.

An opportunity for participants to dedicate four and a half days to an extensive advancement of their knowledge in competition law, economics and management, in a beautiful and relaxing setting.

CALEP material prepared by some of the foremost experts in the world in competition law and economics.

Each participant will receive a signed Certificate of Attendance, which includes the Sessions attended, their duration and the instructors that were involved in the teaching of each Session. The Certificate of Attendance is sent to each participant at about the end of November provided that they have completed the online evaluation form for each session they attended (the evaluation form does not take more than 3 mins to complete and will be sent to you in due course).

CRESSE Schools’ Past Participants

CRESSE throughout the years has welcomed to the CRESSE School Programs, several participants from a large number of Competition Authorities, Regulatory Institutions and International Organisations from all over the world. Since the inception of CRESSE we have had participants from over 85 Authorities and other Regulatory Bodies. See list here.