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CRESSE Summer School course contents are organised in 7 Modules of 12 to 16 hours duration each and a shorter Module (Module 8) of 4 hours duration. Particular emphasis is placed on the presentation and discussion of Case Studies. The 7 Core Modules (Module 1 - Module 7) cover all aspects of Competition Policy and Sectoral Regulation providing a comprehensive account of the most up-to-date developments in economic theory, empirical analysis and legislation in these policy areas. Shorter Module 8 concentrates on legal issues and developments. Note: Module 5 concentrates on quantitative tools and techniques and is directed to those with an educational background in economics.

The Summer School participants may also choose to attend one or more of the Advanced Short Courses offered by CRESSE – see also below. 

Teaching Methods

Modules    Titles 

Module 1:   Part a) Industry Economics and Game Theory for the Analysis of Market Power (8 a.h.1)
                   Part b) Market Definition and the Assessment of Market Power (4 a.h.)
                   by Prof. Nikos VETTAS

Module 2:   Dominance and its Abuse (the economics of art. 102) (12 a.h.)
                   by Prof. Chiara FUMAGALLI

Module 3:   Collusive Practices (the economics of art. 101) (12 a.h.)
                   by Prof. Joe HARRINGTON

Module 4:   Economics of Mergers (12 a.h.)
                   by Prof. Leslie MARX

Module 5:   Quantitative Analysis of Competition Policy (12 a.h.)
                   by Prof. Frank VERBOVEN

Module 6:   Competition and Regulation in Network Industries (16 a.h.)
                   by Prof. Richard GREEN
& Prof. Tommaso VALLETTI

Module 7:   Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights (12 a.h.)
Dr. Pierre REGIBEAU & Prof. Katharine ROCKETT 

Module 8:   Recent Developments in Competition Law (4 a.h.)
                   by Dr. Assimakis KOMNINOS

Module 8 will take place at the same time with parts 5 and 6 of Module 6.

Advanced Short Courses 

Advanced Short Course on Econometric Techniques for Competition Analysis (4 a.h.1
Prof. Christos GENAKOS

Advanced Short Course on Cartel Screening Techniques and Methods (4 a.h.)
Advanced Short Course on Economics of Platforms: Competition and Regulation (4 a.h.)
Prof. Martin PEITZ

a.h. = academic hour (50 minutes).

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