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"On the Choice of Legal Standards: a Positive Theory for Comparative Analysis", by Yannis Katsoulacos, European Journal of Law and Economics, 2019

"On the Concepts of Legal Standards and Substantive Standards (and how the latter influences the choice of the former)", by Yannis katsoulacos, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement, 2019


"Myths and Numbers on Whistleblower Rewards" by Theo Nyreröd and Giancarlo Spagnolo

"On the Choice of Legal Standards: a Positive Theory for Comparative Analysis" by Yannis Katsoulacos, January 2018

"Evaluating market consolidation in mobile communications"  by  Christos Genakos, Tommaso Valletti and Frank Verboven


"Toward a Coherent Policy on Cartel Damages" by Jens-Uwe Franck and Martin Peitz

"Optimal institutional structure of Competition Authorities under reputation maximization: a model and empirical evidence from the case of Russia" by S. Avdasheva, S. Golovanova, Y. Katsoulacos, Tsutsulina, D. June 2017,   forthcoming in Review of Industrial Organization, 2018

"Penalizing on the basis of the severity of the offence: A sophisticated revenue-based cartel penalty" by Yannis Katsoulacos, Evgenia Motchenkova and David Ulph, May 2017

"Judicial Review, Economic Evidence and the Choice of Legal Standards by Utility Maximizing Competition Authorities" by Yannis Katsoulacos, May 2017

"Legal standards and the role of economics in Competition Law enforcement" by Yannis Katsoulacos, Svetlana Avdasheva and Svetlana Golovanova,  Published in European Competition Journal


"Leniency and Damages" by Paolo Buccirossi, Catarina Moura Pinto Marvão & Giancarlo Spagnolo

"Cartels and Leniency: Taking Stock of What We Learnt" by Giancarlo Spagnolo & Catarina Moura Pinto Marvão

"Revenue-based penalties could work after all"
by Yannis Katsoulacos, Evgenia Motchenkova & David Ulph, October 2016

"Legal Standards and the Role of Economic Analysis in Competition Law Enforcement"
by Yannis Katsoulacos,  September 2016

"Measuring the Effectiveness of Anti-Cartel Interventions: A Conceptual Framework"
by Yannis Katsoulacos, Evgenia Motchenkova & David Ulph, March 2016


"Optimal Enforcement Procedures and Penalties under Legal Uncertainty and a Total Welfare Substantive Standard" by Yannis Katsoulacos & David Ulph, October 2015

"Penalizing Cartels: The Case for Basing Penalties on Price Overcharge"  by Yannis Katsoulacos, Evgenia Motchenkova and David Ulph, Published in International Journal of Industrial Organisation, August 2015

"Legal Uncertainty, Competition Law Enforcement Procedures and Optimal Penalties" by Yannis Katsoulacos & David Ulph, Published in European Journal of Law Economics, June 2015


2nd  ATE Symposium on "Antitrust Economics and Competition Policy: Mergers, Partnerships, and Innovation” on 15-16 December 2014, hosted by the UNSW Australia Business School.

"Legal Uncertainty, Competition Law Enforcement Procedures and Optimal Penalties Taking Into Account Adminstrative Effectiveness" by Yannis Katsoulacos & David Ulph, June 2014

"Competition Authority Substantive Standards and  Social Welfare" by Yannis Katsoulacos, Eleni Metsiou and David Ulph, May 2014

"Compulsory licensing and access to drugs" (to be published in European Journal of Health Economics, 2014) by Charitini Stavropoulou and Tommaso Valletti [this paper was presented in CRESSE 2013 Conference]

"Unbundling the incumbent: Evidence from UK broadband" by Mattia Nardotto, Tommaso Valletti and Frank Verboven

"Nested logit or random coefficients logit? A comparison of alternative discrete choice models of product differentiation" by Laura Grigolon and Frank Verboven 

"Entry and Competition in Di¤erentiated Products Markets" by Catherine Schaumans and Frank Verboven

"Discounts as a Barrier to Entry" by Nicolás Figueroa, Enrique Ide and Juan-Pablo Montero

"When Can We Expect a Corporate Leniency Program to Result in Fewer Cartels?" by Joseph E. Harrington, Jr. and Myong-Hun Chang

"Cartel Sales Dynamics when Monitoring for Compliance is More Frequent than Punishment for Non-Compliance" by Joseph E. Harrington, Jr. and Juan-Pablo Montero

"Penalties and the Deterrence of Unlawful Collusion" by Joseph E. Harrington, Jr.

"Quantitative price tests in antitrust market definition with an application to the savory snacks markets" (forthcoming Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization) by Y. Katsoulacos , I. Konstantakopoulou, E. Metsiou and E. Tsionas [a previous version of this paper was presented in CRESSE 2012 Conference]

"Cooperation vs. Collusion: How essentiality shapes co-optation" by Patrick Rey and Jean Tirole (presented in CRESSE 2013)


"The Distortive Effects of Antitrust Fines Based on Revenue" by Vasiliki Bageri, Yannis Katsoulacos and Giancarlo Spagnolo (Economic Journal, 2013)

"Antitrust Penalties and the Implications of Empirical Evidence on Cartel Overcharges" by Yannis Katsoulacos and David Ulph (Economic Journal, 2013)

"Legal Uncertainty and the Choice of Enforcement Procedures" by Yannis Katsoulacos and David Ulph


"Recent Advances in the Analysis of Competition Policy and Regulation" edited by Joseph E. Harrington Jr. and Yannis Katsoulacos

EU Rules Applicable to State Aid

EU Competition law – rules applicable to merger control

Short term trade finance and credit insurance in the European Union



“Regulatory Burden, Competition and Growth: a Survey” by Y. Katsoulacos, G. Makri and Vasiliki Bageri

“Choice of Enforcement Procedures under Legal Uncertainty” by Y. Katsoulacos & D. Ulph

New prohibition of a merger in the air transport sector: The European Commission blocks the merger between Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air
Public consultation: The future Commission Guidelines for State aid in the context of the amended EU Emissions Trading Scheme

European Competition Network publishes sixth edition of newsletter on competition authorities' activities

Antitrust: Commission market tests measures proposed by Greece concerning the Greek electricity market


Commission adopts revised competition rules on horizontal co-operation agreements

Competition Policy International: CPI Antitrust Chronicle

State Aid: New Handbook on Enforcement of EU State aid law by national courts

EU law: Commission acts to ensure that European legislation is fully and properly implemented

Competition Policy Newsletter 2010/1 published

"Legal Uncertainty and Optimal Penalties" by Yannis Katsoulacos and David Ulph

"Optimal Enforcement Structures for Competition Policy: The Implications of Judicial Reviews and Internal Error Correction Mechanism" by Yannis Katsoulacos and David Ulph


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