Advanced Courses

CRESSE Advanced Short Courses

(for Chief Economists and other experienced professionals already trained in economics)

CRESSE offers each year a number of Advanced Short Courses in specific topics of Competition Policy (the topics may change from year to year). When taken on a stand-alone basis, these are targeted to the more experienced professionals working in competition authorities or regulatory bodies or in consultancy companies who are trained in economics at undergraduate and postgraduate level (including chief economists, directors of economics, senior case handlers and senior analysts). They are also directed to those interested in competition economics who, while already trained at postgraduate level in microeconomic theory and industrial organization, may have had limited opportunity for focused study in the field.

To register for the Advanced Short Courses, applicants must have at least a first degree in economics and, preferably, also a postgraduate (MSc) degree in economics or a related subject. Other criteria used, if applicants do not have a postgraduate degree in economics, will be whether applicants work as senior economists in a Competition or other Regulatory Authority or in a consultancy firm.

The Courses can be attended on a stand-alone basis or by those participating in the Summer School (that provides the necessary background).

The Advanced Short Courses that will be offered in CRESSE 2024 will be the following:

Advanced Short Course on Cartel Screening Techniques and Methods (3.5 a.h.¹)
by Prof. Joseph HARRINGTON

Advanced Short Course on Econometric Techniques for Competition Analysis (3.5 a.h.¹)
by Prof. Christos GENAKOS

Advanced Short Course on Economics of Platforms: Competition and Regulation (3.5 a.h.¹)
by Prof. Dr. Markus REISINGER

Advanced Short Course on Vertical Mergers (3.5 a.h.¹)
by Dr. Dan O’BRIEN

Advanced Short Course on Data and Competition Policy (3.5 a.h.¹)
by Prof. Daniel ERSHOV 

In order to apply for Advanced Short Courses you may use the on-line Application Form to Summer School and/or Advanced Short Courses or print it [.doc version (170 Kb)] and send it electronically to the CRESSE Secretariat at

The cost of the Advanced Short Courses is described here.

CRESSE Schools’ Past Participants

CRESSE throughout the years has welcomed to the CRESSE School Programs, several participants from a large number of Competition Authorities, Regulatory Institutions and International Organisations from all over the world. Since the inception of CRESSE we have had participants from over 85 Authorities and other Regulatory Bodies. See list here.

¹ a.h. = academic hour (50 minutes)