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Module 6:
Quantitative Analysis for Competition Policy
(targeted to working economists and postgraduate students specialising in Competition and Regulation) (12 a.h.1)

Prof. Frank VERBOVEN

Outline of Course Contents

A. General framework for measuring market power

1. Homogeneous products

    a. Traditional SCP paradigm

    b.Measuring market power when conduct is known

    c. Identification of conduct
    d. Detecting cartels
    e. Applications

2. Differentiated products

    a. Representative consumer models, including multi-stage budgeting and distance-metric approach

    b. Discrete choice models, including logit, nested logit and random coefficients logit

    c. Applications

B. Applications and cases

1. Relevant market definition

    a. The SSNIP-test

    b. Traditional approaches (price correlations, etc.)

    c. Critical loss and break-even analysis

    d. SSNIP-test with differentiated products

    e. Applications

2. Merger analysis

    a. Diversion ratio’s and Upward Pricing Pressure Test

    b. Simulation analysis

    c. Price-concentration studies

    d. Ex post merger evaluation

    e. Applications

. Cartels & damages, and other agreements
    a. Measuring price overcharge
    b. Implementing the passing-on defence

    c. Vertical agreements

    d. Applications

Main References

• S. Bishop and M. Walker, “The Economics of Competition Law: Concepts, Applications and Measurement”,
  Sweet & Maxwell.

E. Garces and P. Davis (2009) “Quantitative Techniques for Competition and Antitrust Analysis”, Princeton
  University Press.

For a review of basic econometrics: J. Stock and M. Watson, “Introduction to Econometrics”, Pearson Addison

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