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2019 Conference Confirmed Speakers
2019 Conference Keynote Speakers
Prof. Richard Gilbert, Prof. Ariel Ezrachi, Prof. Robert Porter, Prof. Fiona Scott Morton

2019 Conference Invited Speakers
Prof. Jacques Cremer, Prof. Luke Froeb, Prof. John Kwoka, Prof. Martin Schmalz, Prof. Xavier Vives

2019 Other Confirmed Speakers

Dr. Cristina Caffarra, Dr. Neil Campbell, Mr. John Davies, Dr. Peter Davis, Prof. Amelia Fletcher, Dr. Hans Friederiszick, Prof. Neil Gandal, Prof. Joshua Gans, Dr. Eliana Garces, Dr. Antonio Gomez, Prof. Joseph Harrington, Prof. Elizabetta Iossa, Prof. Frederic Jenny, Prof. William Kovacic, Prof. Kai Uwe Kuhn, Dr. Miguel de la Mano, Prof. Massimo Motta, Dr. Dan O'Brien, Prof. Martin Peitz, Prof. Pierre Regibeau, Prof. Patrick Rey, Prof. Tom Ross, Prof. Maarten Pieter Schinkel, Prof. Giancarlo Spangolo, Prof. Yossi Spiegel, Prof. Tommaso Valletti, Prof. Frank Verboven, Dr.Keith Waehrer

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